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creative packaging structures w/dvd
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Brand: sendpoints Model: creative packaging structures
creative packaging structures w/dvdCreative Packaging Structures provides designers with a hands-on guide to the world of packaging design, in which packaging must be appealing and practical to establish brand identities and attract customers to choose their unique projects. Chapter 1, Basic Packagi..
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Creative Sketching in Product Design
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Brand: sendpoints Model: SendPoints
Creative Sketching in Product DesignThough computer rendering has been a huge boon to designers, drawing by hand is still indispensable when it comes to developing ideas and presenting concept art. Creative Sketching in Product Design offers readers a square-one guide to all the skills required to c..
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Follow Me 3: wayfinding in Architecture
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Brand: sendpoints Model: SendPoints
Follow Me 3: wayfinding in ArchitectureFollow Me 3 concentrates on presenting the latest wayfinding and signage projects all over the world. It introduces the concept behind each project and the integration between wayfinding system and its environment. In this book, the special attention placed upo..
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packaging structure with cd
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Brand: sendpoints Model: packaging structure
packaging structure with cd"Packaging Structures provides examples of innovative and original packaging designs. Each project is accompanied by color photographs of the final product along with a scale drawing of the structural pattern.packaging structure with cd..
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