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1,000 Dresses: The Fashion Design Resource
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Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Tracy Fitzgerald, Alison Taylor
1,000 Dresses: The Fashion Design ResourceThe study of the dress can reveal a wealth of information that can epitomize an era and provide insight into the historical, social, and cultural context of the time.Here, in this comprehensive library of 1,000 garments, the authors explore and document all ..
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101 Techniques: Oil
-30 %
Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Parramon Editorial Team
101 Techniques: OilEach title in Barron’s growing series of 101 Techniques art instruction manuals focuses on a specific art media and teaches students and amateur artists through purely visual means. Relying on a progression of step-by-step captioned illustrations, the exercises in this book teach ..
Rs1,189 Rs1,698
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2000 Color Combinations: For Graphic, Textile, and Craft Designers
-30 %
Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Garth Lewis
2000 Color Combinations: For Graphic, Textile, and Craft DesignersGraphic artists, commercial art directors, Web designers, clothing designers, and serious art students will constantly refer to this book for inspiration and guidance. It presents an exhaustive range of color combinations, and include..
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Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Jane Schaffer, Sue Saunders
Fashion Design Course: AccessoriesThis information-packed book introduces design students to an important segment of the fashion industry, focusing on the growing market sector that encompasses accessories and footwear. The authors present a detailed overview of their subject, examining both the cre..
Rs1,350 Rs1,350
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The Big Book of the Human Figure
-30 %
Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Gabriel Martin Roig
The Big Book of the Human FigureThe artistic representation of the human body has fascinated and inspired millions throughout the centuries; it is also one of the most difficult forms for artist to recreate. Movement, proportion, expression, as well as the details of anatomy, leave many artists frus..
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Watercolor (Creative Techniques Series)
-30 %
Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Parramon Studios
Watercolor (Creative Techniques Series)This new title gives art students and hobbyists a complete course in the many different techniques applicable to watercolor painting. An introductory chapter describes the pigments, brushes, papers, and other needed equipment, and shows how to use them to best ..
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