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Fashion Design

Fashion Design
1,000 Dresses: The Fashion Design Resource
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Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Tracy Fitzgerald, Alison Taylor
1,000 Dresses: The Fashion Design ResourceThe study of the dress can reveal a wealth of information that can epitomize an era and provide insight into the historical, social, and cultural context of the time.Here, in this comprehensive library of 1,000 garments, the authors explore and document all ..
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50 Fashion Designers You Should Know
-30 %
Brand: Prestel Publishing Model: Simone Werle
50 Fashion Designers You Should KnowFifty major fashion designers are profiled in this book with fullcolor spreads that showcase their most memorable creations. Red carpet regulars such as Armani, Prada, Calvin Klein, and Dolce & Gabbana are included, as well as the classic clothiers Christian D..
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Adrian: A Lifetime of Movie Glamour, Art and High Fashion
-36 %
Brand: Rizzoli New York Model: Leonard Stanley, Robin Adrian
Adrian: A Lifetime of Movie Glamour, Art and High FashionThis book is a bright and vivacious look at the fashion, art and homes of one of the most celebrated fashion designers of the twentieth century. Adrian (1903-1959) designed costumes for over 150 Hollywood productions, including fabulous gowns ..
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Another Girl Another Planet
-30 %
Brand: Rizzoli New York Model: Valerie Phillips, Arvida Bystrom
Another Girl Another PlanetCelebrating the unique fashion sensibility of fearless young women and the spirit of girl power. A generation of girls grew up with Valerie Phillips’s work pinned on their bedroom walls.The self-confessed Peter Pan is famous for capturing the essence of female youth—girls ..
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Art & Makeup
-34 %
Brand: Laurence King Publishing Model: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
buy Art & MakeupArt & Makeup is a stunning showcase of work created by award-winning make-up artist, Lan Nguyen-Grealis. The looks created specially for the book are inspired by the worlds of art, sculpture, cinema and performance art – references include Picasso, Warhol, Marie Antoinette, C..
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Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950
-30 %
Brand: Victoria & Albert Museum Model: Sonnet Stanfill, Oriole Cullen
Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950This unique and groundbreaking book presents dynamic photographs of 60 years of British ballgowns and includes designs by Alexander McQueen, Bellville Sassoon, Erdem, Gareth Pugh, Stella McCartney, and Zandra Rhodes.Britain’s traditional season of debutante parti..
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Bikinis, Bell-bottoms and Little Black Dresses: 70 Great Fashion Classics
-30 %
Brand: Merrell Pub Ltd Model: Kate Mulvey
Bikinis, Bell-bottoms and Little Black Dresses: 70 Great Fashion ClassicsIn the fickle world of fashion, little is certain except the sure knowledge that fashions come and go, and today’s unfashionable styles are likely to be back in vogue tomorrow.Bikinis, Bell-Bottoms and Little Black Dresses chro..
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Brand: Interweave Model: Kristiann Boos
Boundless Style: A Mix-and-Match Sewing Pattern WorkbookHave you ever found yourself sifting through sewing patterns, thinking “I wish I could have this top but with that skirt!”? Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns is here to help.Maybe you’re drawn to the Celine bodice with Bardot sleeves and a Mer..
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Cat Lady Chic
-30 %
Brand: Harry N. Abrams Model: Diane Lovejoy
Cat Lady ChicThe term “Cat Lady” can evoke the image of an unfashionable, unkempt, and slightly unhinged spinster hoarding multiple cats.Cat Lady Chic serves as the antidote to this unflattering point of view, celebrating the Cat Lady with a compilation of artful, playful, and sophisticated images o..
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-30 %
Brand: Pepin Press Model: Pepin Van Roojen
CheongsamPEPIN? is a series of thematic titles on various types of textile and dress - including unusual and overlooked styles. Each volume contains introductory text, fashion plates an/or historical images to show the subject in its original context and high-quality photographs and drawings of clot..
Rs2,431 Rs3,473
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Claude Montana: Fashion Radical
-30 %
Brand: Thames & Hudson Model: Claude Montana, Marielle Cro
Claude Montana: Fashion RadicalThe Montana woman embodied an extraordinary new image: razor- sharp tailoring and strong silhouettes with dramatic proportions and masculine lines, enlivened by an astonishing mix of detail and bold hues. Materials, colors, and cut were all vehicles for Claude Montana’..
Rs2,071 Rs2,959
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Contemporary Menswear : A Global Guide to Independent Men’s Fashion
-30 %
Brand: Thames & Hudson Model: Nicholas Schonberger
Contemporary Menswear : A Global Guide to Independent Men’s FashionContemporary Menswear presents in-depth profiles of more than 50 of the designers, labels, brands, stores, websites and blogs that have shaped and continue to shape menswear in the 21st century.From classic `heritage’ labels such as ..
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