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Architectural Drawing

Architectural Drawing
A Guide to Visual Presentation
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Brand: Rockport Publishers Model: Ruzaimi Mat Rani
A Guide to Visual PresentationPut pen to paper and master the quality graphics and visual presentation techniques to create creative commercial and architectural compositions!If you’re a designer and already possess the basic skills, knowledge, and techniques of design, then it’s time to fine tune y..
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Hand & Mind
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Brand: Border Book Shop Model: Abin Chaudhuri, Kaiwan Mehta
Hand & MindThere’s a bit of HAND, &, and MIND in every building of value. Sometimes in equal measure, sometimes more of one than the others. The book Hand&Mind explores the journey of Abin Design Studio through this paradigm. How before becoming a tangible reality an idea augments its su..
Rs2,945 Rs4,500
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Louis I. Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974
-56 %
Brand: Birkhauser Model: Heinz Ronner
Louis I. Kahn: Complete Work 1935-1974This book owes its concept to the transparency of the work process of Louis I. Kahn, whose ideas are preserved in the wealth of sketches he did whenever developing new concepts or working out details for new building projects. Sketches and plans of different dev..
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