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s18 Packaging Structure Design with Dvd

s18 Packaging Structure Design with Dvd
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s18 Packaging Structure Design with Dvd
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S18 Packaging Structure Design with Dvd 


  • PACKAGING Structure Contains 431 Images open files in EPS & AI format
  • Contains 431 PACKAGING Structure file
  • All images are vector AI, EPS, in line with a variety of packaging requirements


  • Big Size Book format
  • The Book comes with 1 DVD Rom’s


  • STRUCTURAL PACKAGE DESIGN is a series of books, full-loaded with superb, 100% structurally accurate, scalable packaging templates. All designs are ready for immediate use and illustrated with 2-D and 3-D structural drawings and photographs. The CD contains the templates in various formats including EPS and PDF. 
  • STRUCTURAL PACKAGE DESIGN this book is a quick reference guide to almost anything you will need in your library of information as a Structural Packaging Designer, focusing primarily on the corrugated side of packaging materials. This is a complete book about packaging structures that includes about 400 original works each
S18 Packaging Structure Design with Dvd
Size 13.5 x 9 in
Weight 1 Kg.
Format Hardcover

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