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Photography Magazines
Brand: Magazine Model: British Journal of Photography
British Journal of Photography MagazineBritish Journal of Photography was founded in 1854 to record the scientific development of a fledgling medium. These days, BJP takes an international perspective on contemporary photography, focusing on fine art and documentary, and the cutting edge of editoria..
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Digital Camera Magazine Digital Camera Magazine
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Brand: future plc Model: Digital Camera
Digital Camera MagazineEach month, a subscription to Digital Camera delivers cutting-edge techniques, reviews, projects and inspiration from a team of writers and contributors who are as immersed in the world of DSLR and CSC photography as you are.For photographers of all abilities, a subscription t..
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Digital Photographer Magazine Digital Photographer Magazine
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Brand: future plc Model: Digital Photographer
Digital Photographer MagazineEach month, a subscription to Digital Photographer challenges and inspires hobbyists and seasoned professionals alike to take truly phenomenal shots and get the best results from their kit.A subscription to Digital Photographer is a kitbag essential for photographers of ..
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N-Photo Magazine N-Photo Magazine
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Brand: future plc Model: N-Photo
N-Photo MagazineEach and every month, your subscription to N-Photo provides you with practical advice, exciting projects and inspiring lessons to get you the best results from your Nikon kit.N-Photo is far more than just a magazine subscription; it’s a front-row pass to some of the world’s finest pr..
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PhotoPlus Magazine PhotoPlus Magazine
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Brand: future plc Model: PhotoPlus
PhotoPlus MagazineA subscription to PhotoPlus is a must-have for Canon EOS DSLR photographers. For beginners, enthusiasts and industry professionals, PhotoPlus remains an authoritative and cut-to-the-chase voice for Canon news and independent reviews, as well as an inspiring source of hands-on tutor..
Rs8,896 Rs13,083
Ex Tax:Rs8,896
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