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Graphic Art

Graphic Art
10,000 Years of Art
-30 %
Brand: Phaidon Press Model: Editors of Phaidon Press
10,000 Years of Art10,000 Years of Art is a compact guide to world art, offering a fresh perspective on the whole of art history from 8,000 BC to the present day.Organized in chronological order, the 500 works of art presented here cover all cultures (not just western) and represent the finest examp..
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101 Techniques: Oil
-30 %
Brand: B.E.S. Publishing Model: Parramon Editorial Team
101 Techniques: OilEach title in Barron’s growing series of 101 Techniques art instruction manuals focuses on a specific art media and teaches students and amateur artists through purely visual means. Relying on a progression of step-by-step captioned illustrations, the exercises in this book teach ..
Rs1,189 Rs1,698
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200 Best Digital Artists 2015/2016
-25 %
Brand: Lürzers Archive Model: Lürzer's Archive, Lürzer GmbH
200 Best Digital Artists 2015/2016Welcome to the second edition of our biennial "200 Best Digital Artists worldwide" volume. The collection of top-class CGI work from 38 countries that now awaits you was selected from a total of more than 4,800 submissions received from some 800 digital artists..
Rs2,422 Rs3,229
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200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 17/18
-25 %
Brand: Lürzers Archive Model: Collectif, Michael Weinzettl
200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 17/18The third volume of our biennial 200 Best Digital Artists series contains no less than 392 pages of top digital art, which are the quintessence of more than 6,000 submissions from photographers, digital artists, and CGI studios working in a total of 54 countri..
Rs2,422 Rs3,229
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21st-Century Portraits
-30 %
Brand: National Portrait Gallery Model: Sarah Howgate
21st-Century PortraitsWith over 150 illustrations by 50 artists, 21st-Century Portraits explores new developments in the representation of the human form and face as well as the continuing appeal of commissioned portraiture.The selection of portraits features cutting-edge new work from the internati..
Rs2,071 Rs2,959
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Abstract Art (Basic Art Series 2.0)
-30 %
Brand: Taschen Publication Model: Dietmar Elger
Abstract Art (Basic Art Series 2.0)Abstraction shook Western art to its core. In the early part of the 20th century, it refuted the reign of clear, indisputable forms and confronted audiences instead with vivid visual poems devoid of conventional representational imagery and characterized by allegor..
Rs811 Rs1,158
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Acrylic Innovation: Styles and Techniques Featuring 64 Visionary Artists
-30 %
Brand: North Light Books Model: Nancy Reyner
Acrylic Innovation: Styles and Techniques Featuring 64 Visionary ArtistsAcrylic is often used as a substitute for oil paint or watercolor, but the real gold mine is in allowing the medium freedom to do what it does best. This book shows how today’s artists are doing exactly that. It’s loaded with or..
Rs1,621 Rs2,315
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Adventures in Design: Ultimate Visual Guide, 153 Spectacular Quilts, Activities & Exercises
-30 %
Brand: C&T Publishing Model: Joen Wolfrom
Adventures in Design: Ultimate Visual Guide, 153 Spectacular Quilts, Activities & ExercisesJoen Wolfrom updates her classic book, Visual Dance, with spectacular new quilts from around the world. This is the quilter’s design textbook, using Joen’s internationally-acclaimed expertise and talent to..
Rs1,618 Rs2,312
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Alfred Maurer: At the Vanguard of Modernism
-30 %
Brand: Addison Model: Stacey Epstein
Alfred Maurer: At the Vanguard of ModernismAmerican painter Alfred Maurer (1868–1932) worked within an international circle of avant-garde artists, and his friendships with key figures, including the collectors Leo and Gertrude Stein as well as Dr. Albert Barnes, positioned him at the nexus of new a..
Rs3,513 Rs5,018
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Anness: Practical Encyclopedia Of Acrylics, Oils & Gouache
-30 %
Brand: Anness Publishing Model: Ian Sidaway
Anness: Practical Encyclopedia Of Acrylics, Oils & GouacheThis title mixes paint; brush strokes; gouache; masking out; glazing; wet-into-wet; drybrush painting; stretching canvas; painting with knives; and, light to dark. This is a comprehensive, fully illustrated step-by-step guide to three pop..
Rs1,621 Rs2,316
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Beginning Oil (Portfolio)
-30 %
Brand: Walter Foster Publishing Model: Jan Murphy
Beginning Oil (Portfolio)Beginning Oil’s collection of step-by-step exercises and practice projects will have you painting lovely works like the classic masters in no time.Beginning Oil is a well-rounded introduction to the art of basic oil painting. This introductory guide to the medium describes a..
Rs1,187 Rs1,695
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Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture 1971 - 2012
-30 %
Brand: Hudson Hills Model: Wendy Steiner, Anthony Brown, Ivan C. Karp
Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture 1971 - 2012This monograph of Israeli-born sculptor Boaz Vaadia takes the reader on a journey from his early days growing up on a small farm in Israel to his copious stone sculptures.Eye-catching, life-size, and natural stone sculptures creatively conceived and intricately cons..
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