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Adornment: The Art of Barbara Natoli Witt
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Brand: Hudson Hills Model: Lois Dubin, John Loring
Adornment: The Art of Barbara Natoli WittBarbara Natoli Witt was a pioneer in the wearable art movement that began in San Francisco and has been creating her necklaces for over 40 years; this publication is the first to document her career Using a combination of tapestry, and lace-making techniques,..
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Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture 1971 - 2012
-30 %
Brand: Hudson Hills Model: Wendy Steiner, Anthony Brown, Ivan C. Karp
Boaz Vaadia: Sculpture 1971 - 2012This monograph of Israeli-born sculptor Boaz Vaadia takes the reader on a journey from his early days growing up on a small farm in Israel to his copious stone sculptures.Eye-catching, life-size, and natural stone sculptures creatively conceived and intricately cons..
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Fletcher Benton: An American Artist
-30 %
Brand: Hudson Hills Model: Carter Ratcliff, Collette Chattopadhyay, Jolei Leisegang
Fletcher Benton: An American ArtistTowering large-scale painted steel forms that evoke grids, crystals, and the structural practicality of architecture, Fletcher Benton’s sculptures can hold their own amid the glass and steel towers of the contemporary city while being equally compatible with the vi..
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