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American Cinematography Magazine American Cinematography Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: American Cinematography
American Cinematography MagazineAmerican Cinematographer is a magazine published monthly by the American Society of Cinematographers. It focuses on the art and craft of cinematography, covering domestic and foreign feature productions, television productions, short films, music videos and commercial..
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Cineaste Magazine Cineaste Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Cineaste
Cineaste MagazineFounded in 1967, Cineaste is today widely regarded as one of the most important film quarterlies published anywhere in the world. The journal’s unique editorial focus is reflected in the in-depth nature of its feature articles and interviews, as well as its film, book, and DVD revie..
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Cinema Editor Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Cinema Editor
Cinema Editor MagazineCinema Editor Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by American Cinema Editors (ACE). It began in 1951 as an in-house publication titled The Cinema Editor. It grew to 5,000 subscribers in 1963. In 1971 the title changed to American Cinema Editor. After a two-year suspensio..
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Cinema Retro Magazine Cinema Retro Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Cinema Retro
Cinema Retro MagazineCinema Retro (ISSN 1751-4606) is an English magazine devoted to “celebrating films of the 1960s & 1970s”. Founded in 2005 by Lee Pfeiffer and Dave Worrall, it is subtitled “the Essential Guide to Cult and Classic Movies”. The 64-page full-colour magazine is published three t..
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Film International Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Film International
Film International MagazineFilm International is a bimonthly academic journal (with a companion site, FilmInt, containing exclusive content) covering film studies that was established in 2003. It is published by Intellect Ltd. and presents critical, historical, and theoretical essays on film, televi..
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Grazia Magazine Grazia Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Grazia
Grazia MagazineGrazia a weekly women’s magazine that originated in Italy with international editions printed in Albania, Australia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, France, Germany. Greece, Indonesia, India, Macedonia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Serbia, Slovenia, South Ko..
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SFX Magazine SFX Magazine
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Brand: future plc Model: SFX
SFX MagazineSFX is the market-leading sci-fi, fantasy and horror magazine. Covering genre entertainment in all its forms: TV, movies, comics, books, games, merchandise and more.Launching in 1995, no other magazine has delivered coverage of the worlds of sci-fi, fantasy and horror with more style, wi..
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Brand: Magazine Model: Shots
Shots MagazineSHOTS Magazine is a beautifully printed black & white quarterly in world gone digital, not an on-line publication. An independent, reader-supported journal of eclectic fine art photography now in its 32nd year of publication, Shots is known for its democratic presentation of work b..
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Sight & Sound Magazine Sight & Sound Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Sight & Sound
Sight & Sound MagazineSight & Sound is a British monthly film magazine published by the British Film Institute (BFI). Sight & Sound was first published in 1932 and in 1934 management of the magazine was handed to the nascent BFI, which still publishes the magazine today. Sight & Soun..
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Total Films Magazine Total Films Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Total Films
Total Films MagazineTotal Film is a British film magazine published 13 times a year (published monthly and a summer issue is added every year since issue 91, 2004 which is published between July and August issue) by Future Publishing. The magazine was launched in 1997 and offers cinema, DVD and Blu-..
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Variety Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Variety
Variety MagazineVariety is an American media company owned by Penske Media Corporation. It was founded by Sime Silverman in New York in 1905 as a weekly newspaper reporting on theater and vaudeville. In 1933 it added Daily Variety, based in Los Angeles, to cover the motion-picture industry. Variety...
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Video Scope Magazine
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Brand: Magazine Model: Video Scope
Video Scope MagazineJoe Kane has been a genre-film name you can trust since 1972, when he joined the original editorial staff of the pioneering terror tabloid The Monster Times. In 1984, he adopted the even more trustworthy persona of The Phantom of the Movies®, covering the genre-movie and video be..
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