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Pantone Polyester Swatch Book

Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
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Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book
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Pantone Polyester Swatch Book

Unique Polyester Colors for Apparel, Textile, and Soft Home


Today’s fashion designers know that polyester can be the perfect complement to cotton and other fabrics, particularly in athleisure and activewear. That’s why our big book of polyester swatches is the perfect complement to our Cotton Swatch Libraries, offering designers greater inspiration and color palette options when creating polyester and polyester hybrid garments for today’s markets.

Our Polyester Swatch Book features 203 on-trend, forecast-driven colors to spark creativity for designers and colorists working in apparel, textiles, and soft home goods. Offering brighter colors than cotton can achieve, it is considered an additional, complementary resource to our Cotton Swatch Libraries, essential for anyone working with polyester and polyester hybrids.

The Polyester Swatch Book has an easy-to-use binder format, pages feature 5 cm x 5 cm mini-swatches, secured, double layered, and affixed on unbacked 100% polyester fabric. Cascading pockets allow for easy visibility of 5 swatch cards per row and a full 35 colors per page, all in a handsome, lightweight binder. Swatch cards stay secure on the page until removed, with printed names on the pockets for easy identification and return.


  • Cascading pockets provide visibility of 5 swatch cards per row and 35 colors per page
  • Swatch cards stay affixed to pages for easy transportation from design room to desk and beyond
  • Swatch card names, printed on page pockets, allow for easy identification and return of swatch cards once removed
  • Removable swatches facilitate seamless color selection, palette development and production coordination
  • Mini-swatch format helps secure loose sides of fabrics so they stay better protected from wrinkling and folding
  • Material: 100% polyester


  • Includes 203 trend-driven, neutral, bright, and pastel colors, dyed on 100% polyester fabric
  • Produced on double-layered, unbacked fabric, on non-optically brightened paper cards for truest color representation
  • Polyester colors are complementary to existing Pantone Cotton color palettes with no overlap, allowing designers to tell expanded, balanced color stories with multiple fabrics
  • All Pantone Polyester Colors are formulated for achievability, repeatability, and fastness
  • Colors are arranged in chromatic order with numbers on pages and a printed index diagram on the inside cover. Each color refers to a corresponding Polyester Swatch Card with the color’s spectral data, the standard for color accuracy


  • Individually labeled 5 cm x 5 cm mini-swatches are perfect for palette development, mood boards, presentations, and internal color communication
  • Ideal for athleisure, swimwear, hosiery, sleepwear, footwear, juvenile, outdoor sports, soft goods, and kidswear products
Pantone Polyester Swatch Book

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