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Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)

Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)
Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)
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Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)
Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)
Pantone CAPSURE™ RM200-PT01 (Latest Ed.)
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Use CAPSURE anywhere to quickly and accurately match color from any surface, material, or fabric back to a Pantone Color. This complete color-matching solution for fashion, interiors, graphics, and product designers lets you translate on-the-go inspiration into the closest color match from the Pantone Color System of your choice.

  • Accurate even on small, patterned, or multi-colored textures and textiles
  • Comes pre-loaded with over 10,000 Pantone Colors
  • Stores up to 100 inspiration captures with audio notes, plus date and time stamp
  • CAPSURE Sync updates libraries with the latest Pantone Colors automatically


  • Portable, palm-sized device
  • Comes with protective case
  • USB rechargeable 


  • Instant color matching in the palm of your hand
  • Toggles easily across multiple Pantone Color Systems
  • Can be set to match to Pantone’s Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide, and Pastels & Neons Guide, as well as Pantone’s Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide
  • Includes sRGB, Adobe RGB, HTML, Lab, and XYZ values for multimedia design
  • Recommends color schemes and harmonies 


  • Perfect for capturing on-the-go inspiration, or verifying Pantone Colors in prints, paints, or textiles.
  • Synchronizes with popular digital design programs, including Adobe® Creative Cloud® applications

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