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200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 16/17

200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 16/17
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200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 16/17
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200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 16/17

Welcome to the latest edition of our biennial "200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide" volume. 

This latest collection of top-class photography from 32 countries was distilled from a total of more than 8,500 submissions received from around one thousand photographers worldwide. Numbering 536 pages, it also weighs in as our biggest-ever special. 

Following pre-selection by Anne-Rose Schlutbohm, Paris, who, as the former publisher of Profession Photographe, has lent her expertise to all of our previous photography specials. some 1,200 works were then presented for consideration by our jury (see flaps). 

The US leads the field once again with 66 photographers, followed at some distance by Germany, with 28, and by the UK in third (23). Australian photographers take nine of the slots, with New Zealand and the Netherlands close behind, each having seven, while Canada and Switzerland boast six apiece (the latter country's tally including the image by Juventino Mateo Lecin that graces our cover).

Brazil and Spain each have five, and Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, and Japan all notch up four. Argentina, Romania and Singapore pitch in with three, while Finland, France, India, Poland, and South Africa each pick up a brace. Nations featuring through the work of just a single artist each include Chile, Ecuador, Moldavia, Nigeria, Sweden, Thailand, and UAE. 

What might, perhaps, be the most interesting fact about the photographers is that 84 of them have never appeared in any of our previous specials. Which, of course, means that this is not just a collection of work by familiar, justifiably famous ad photographers, almost a third of selections having been produced by new talent waiting to be discovered. 

200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide 16/17
Size Paperback
Pages 520
Format 20.5 x 3.5 x 28.5 cm

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