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The Practical Encyclopedia Of Drawing

The Practical Encyclopedia Of Drawing
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The Practical Encyclopedia Of Drawing
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The Practical Encyclopedia Of Drawing

From graphite pencils and charcoals to soft pastels and crayons, the art of drawing encompasses a variety of mediums and techniques, all of which are comprehensively covered in this beautiful book. Part one, ‘Getting Started’, explains the materials and equipment needed before going on to describe the most popular drawing techniques through a series of short practice exercises.

Part two, ‘Drawing Projects’, has over 25 easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects.

Commissioned from leading artists, the projects include colour photographs of every stage of the drawing. From a simple study of a grandmother with a child, to a modern city skyline, there is something here for everybody. 

The Practical Encyclopedia Of Drawing
Size 232 x 302mm
Weight 1326g
Pages 256
Format Hardcover

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