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Strategic Advertising Management

Strategic Advertising Management
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Strategic Advertising Management
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  • Model: Larry Percy, Richard Rosenbaum-Elliott
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Strategic Advertising Management

Strategic Advertising Management presents a strong theoretical foundation for the development of effective marketing communication. The text then outlines how this theory can be used by managers in the development of effective marketing communication plans and creative executions. The book treats the subject as an integrated whole, looking at how the various aspects of advertising fit together.

In this latest edition the topic of promotion has been woven throughout the text.

A new chapter on message delivery has been introduced, looking at basic types of promotion as well as alternative ways of delivering advertising and promotion type messages, such as sponsorships and event marketing. A new chapter on understanding cultural differences has also been included for the new edition, giving consideration to issues of culture in respect of advertising strategy and execution.

Case studies have been introduced to allow students to critically reflect on the material being covered in each chapter.

The online resource centre will be updated in line with the text. The features of this can be outlined as follows: Student: Online glossary Additional questions Further reading updates Web links Lecturer: Suggested IPA case histories Suggested classroom exercises PowerPoint slides.


Strategic Advertising Manangement stands out from all the current marketing communication textbooks by taking an integrated approach. It is exceptional in showing how marketing communication planning informs and inspires the rhetorical strategy and creative executions of advertising and promotional campaigns. (Poul Erik Flyyvholm Jorgensen, Centre for Corporate Communication, Aarhus School of Business, University of Aarhus)

The third edition makes an excellent primer for students and managers wanting to understand the concepts and practices of advertising and promotion management. It explains the complexities of advertising management in a way that makes them accessible to students and practitioners alike. (Peter Williams, Leeds Business School, Leeds Metropolitan University)

This is one of the most straightforward and focused advertising textbooks I have seen (Evmorfia Argyriou, Aston Business School, Aston University)

Strategic Advertising Management
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