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Ship: A History in Art & Photography

Ship: A History in Art & Photography
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Ship: A History in Art & Photography
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Ship: A History in Art & Photography

Celebrate mankind’s 3,000 years at sea with a spectacular record of 360 well-known ships in history and fiction. Each page offers the story of a famous (or in some cases, infamous) vessel, illustrated with a stunning photograph or painting, and complete with technical specifications of the ship’s construction, size, crew, and tonnage.

The drama of the high seas is brought to life: an arresting news photo of the Torrey Canyon

Broken in two on a reef in the English Channel, accompanies the story of the world’s first major supertanker oil spill. Many entries discuss innovations in ship design, while others tell tales of battle and exploration, mutiny and piracy, shipwreck and survival.

About the Author

Andrew Lambert is Laughton Professor of Naval History in the Department of War Studies at King’s College, London. He has written numerous historical works, including the recent bestsellers Admirals: The Naval Commanders Who Made Britain Great (Faber, 2008) and Franklin: Tragic Hero of Polar Navigation (Faber, 2009).

Ship: A History in Art & Photography
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