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Van Gogh (Basic Art Series 2.0)
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Brand: Taschen Publication Model: Ingo F. Walther
Van Gogh (Basic Art Series 2.0)Today, the works of Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) are among the most well known and celebrated in the world.In Sunflowers, The Starry Night, Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear, and many paintings and drawings beyond, we recognize an artist uniquely dexterous in the portray..
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William Claxton Jazzlife
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Brand: Taschen Publication Model: Joachim E. Berendt
William Claxton JazzlifeIn 1960, photographer William Claxton and noted musicologist Joachim Berendt traveled the United States hot on the trail of jazz. Through music halls and marching bands, side streets and subways, they sought to document this living, breathing, beating musical phenomenon that ..
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Zaha Hadid (Basic Art Series 2.0)
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Brand: Taschen Publication Model: Philip Jodidio
Zaha Hadid (Basic Art Series 2.0)Zaha Hadid was a revolutionary architect, who for many years built almost nothing, despite winning critical acclaim. Some even said her audacious, futuristic designs were unbuildable. During the latter years of her life, Hadid’s daring visions became a reality, bring..
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