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Pantone Combo Value Packs

Pantone Combo Value Packs
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GP1609A
294 new trend colors added!This versatile set gives you all 2,161 Pantone Spot colors, plus the complete Graphics and Fashion, Home + Interiors color libraries on the portable CAPSURE color measurement device. Designers can use Formula Guide for logos and branding, packaging, marketing materials, an..
Ex Tax:Rs63,000
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GP6205A
The Coated Combo pairs our Formula Guide to Pantone Spot colors with our Color Bridge Guide to CMYK equivalents in one cost-saving bundle. Graphic and digital designers can use both tools for design inspiration, color comparison, and printing accuracy on coated stock when either spot or process prin..
Ex Tax:Rs18,720
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GPG301A
Versatility, variety, and value for graphics and print294 new trend colors added!The Essentials Guide Set bundles six of Pantone’s top-selling graphics tools into an affordable, portable starter kit. Useful for both designers and design students at all stages of the workflow, from finding color insp..
Ex Tax:Rs45,000
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: 2016-015M
The Master Collection offers designers the perfect way to access, capture, travel with, store and protect the most market-relevant set of spot, spot-to-process, and specialty spot colors available. Get 2,732 total colors and our handheld CAPSURETM color measurement device to use for inspiration and ..
Ex Tax:Rs88,040
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GPG304A
Comprehensive and convenient color for graphics and print294 new trend colors added!This collection brings you eight essential Pantone Graphics guides in one compact carrying case. The Portable Guide Studio makes it easy for graphic, print, and digital designers to have access to Pantone’s Colo..
Ex Tax:Rs60,120
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GPC305A
294 new trend colors added!The Reference Library brings together Pantone’s Graphics guides and chip books in one convenient, desktop display. This comprehensive collection supports designers at every step of the process, from color exploration and comparison to specification and quality control. Use..
Ex Tax:Rs113,432
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GP1608A
294 new trend colors added!The Solid Color Set bundles all 2,161 Pantone Spot colors in formats useful at every stage of the graphics and print workflow. The handheld Formula Guide gives designers a portable reference for color inspiration and selection, while the Solid Chips Books offer a desktop t..
Ex Tax:Rs39,240
Brand: Pantone LLC Model: GP1605A
Get the full gamut of Pantone Spot colors for graphics and print294 new trend colors added!Access 3,026 Pantone Matching System® colors with all four of our solid color guides. This cost-saving bundle gives designers our Formula Guide (Coated & Uncoated), Pastels & Neons, and Metallics guide..
Ex Tax:Rs28,080
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