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50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4

50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4
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50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4
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50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4

The Coffee Table Book “50 Beautiful Houses in India Volume 4” is a kind of compilation of India’s 50 beautiful houses. This title is an outcome of an intense dialogue with 50 renowned architects and interior designers of India . The 450 page, hard cover coffee table book is very vivid in its descriptions; it includes 161 elaborate site plans, elevations and sections.

461 brilliant photographs of the houses give a clear idea of the distinctive and tastefully done rooms.

50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4 has been curated by Mr Alfaz Miller and his team. It was extremely difficult to shortlist 50 best houses out of the 300 entries which we received. This book is printed by Selection Point and distributed by Adinath Book sales across India.

The book is a single reference point for emerging architects,

aspiring home owners, art connoisseurs & book lovers. This coffee table book is a must have for Non-Resident Indians and Indian architecture enthusiasts all over the world. It is available at all leading book stores like Crossword, Landmark, and Oxford Book Stores all over India. The book gives a rare and delightful glimpse into the fifty beautiful houses in India. It has covered houses from across the country, allowing the reader to experience a wide range and scope of styles and genres.

The book showcases sprawling houses in discerning metropolis like Mumbai, Chennai & Delhi to and panoramic holiday homes . The houses in the book are stand alone properties, luxurious and large, enabling the reader to experience a grand visual treat.

50 Beautiful Houses In India Volume 4
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Pages 450
Format Hardcover

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